Samara Books provides quality books for readers of all ages. Our curated book sets are organized into four groups of readers: Seedlings, Sprouts, Saplings and Buds & Blossoms.

Seedlings Collection

Newborns – 2 yr. olds

Babies are our beginning readers, as the ‘seeds’ for early literacy are planted. Board books comprise the book sets in the Seedling collection. Building vocabulary for our youngest readers is an important literacy skill. All Seedlings are rich in colorful images and rich vocabulary for babies.

Sprouts Collection

2 – 4 yr. olds

Sprouts are beginning to grow their print awareness. Book sets in the Sprout collection provide opportunities to explore sounds and their connection to letters. Sprout book sets include interesting illustrations and photographs with simple sentences on each page. One-to-one word correspondence is one of the beginning reading skills and all Sprout Books promote this important literacy skill.

Saplings Collection

5 – 7 yr. olds

Saplings are strengthening their phonemic awareness and discovering words as they blend sound together. Sapling book sets are ideal for Kindergarten and first graders who are emerging readers. The Sapling books provide pattern sentences to young readers as well as common sight words to build their fluency.

Buds & Blossoms Collection

8 yr. olds +

Buds & Blossoms are using the ‘fruits’ of their labor and applying their reader skills to longer texts. Buds & Blossom book sets are built with chapter books, fiction and non-fiction. Readers begin to shift from learning to read to reading to learn as they reader these texts. Reading comprehension is a key literacy skill during this stage. Buds & Blossom book sets have creative story elements and interesting facts about kid-friendly topics.

Care Boxes

Newborns – 8 yr. old +

Care Boxes are collections of books that help children heal.  Each collection has picture books and tools to help their personal and emotional growth.  For instance,"Taming Big Feelings," has two pictures books, a heart-shaped stress ball and a pinwheel to practice deep breathing.  Read. Explore. Heal.

Bargain Books & Bundles

Newborns – 8 yr. old +

Bargain books and bundles are all unread books in great condition.  All bargain books have small marks on the edges of the pages to note their discounted rate.  Bargain books are publishers’ overstock so they have minor shelf wear. Big savings can be found in these quality bargains!

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